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About Us

In the early 1960s, when Elmer Kusch was learning the real estate business in central California, a company's future success often rested squarely on the integrity of its ownership. So when he was ready to start his own business, Elmer Kusch set out with two basic ideas.

First, to put to good use the invaluable experience he'd gained working with Earl Eymann, one of the most respected pioneers of post World War II real estate in Fresno and Tulare Counties. Secondly, but just as important, to build a reputation which honored the trust of each and every customer, providing them with an assurance that his word was always his bond. It was on these principles that Elmer Kusch founded the Valley Land & Investment Company in September of 1965.

In the nearly 40 years since, the Kusch family business — and the family itself — has grown right along with the communities it serves in California's beautiful San Joaquin Valley. Elmer's son Roger assumed leadership of the business in 1976, and was instrumental in developing the area in Reedley now known as Kingswood Parkway Estates. Since then, a third generation of the Kusch family, Roger's sons Ron and Greg, have also joined the company. Along the way, the Valley Land & Investment Company became one of the earliest Central Valley realtors to offer Spanish speaking services to its clients, and in 1970 employed the first female real estate agent in southern Fresno County.

Today, the Valley Land & Investment Company is a full-service brokerage for custom homes, working ranches, agricultural operations, vineyards and orchards, and subdivision land, along with commercial, industrial and multi-family property investments throughout the Central Valley. The company that Elmer Kusch began in 1965 has become synonymous with both the distinguished past and future of California's heartland, where his children's children now do business with an expertise and integrity that would make their grandfather proud.
Valley Land & Investment Company